Wireless Electricity – Keeping up with the Era of Wireless Technologies

WirelessElectricty-www.kvrop.com-Imagine a world without wires; reduced accident due to shortages, untidy and dangerous wires around, no power cables cost, and many more other advantages!

With the wireless technologies and startups fever being felt around the whole world, electrical power is not to be left back alone. In the recent past, there have various discussion on the viability, efficiency, and sustainability regarding the use of wireless power. The efficiency is the more significant parameter when it comes to commercializing wireless power. A large part of the energy sent out by the generating plant must arrive at the receiver or receivers to make the system economical.

According to Wikipedia, Wireless power or wireless energy transmission is the transmission of electrical energy from a power source to an electrical load without man-made conductors. Wireless transmission is useful in cases where interconnecting wires are inconvenient, hazardous, or impossible.

WiTricity, a startup developing wireless “resonance” technology is one of the leading organizations working towards delivering effective and efficient wireless power transmission. According to Dr. Hall of WiTricity, the idea is to build a “Source Resonator,” a coil of electrical wire that generates a magnetic field when power is attached. If another coil is brought close, an electrical charge can be generated in it. When you bring a device into that magnetic field, it induces a current in the device, and by that you’re able to transfer power. No wires required. And like that, the bulb lights up.

WiTricity power sources and capture devices are specially designed magnetic resonators that efficiently transfer power over large distances via the magnetic near-field. These proprietary source and device designs and the electronic systems that control them support efficient energy transfer over distances that are many times the size of the sources/devices themselves.

Just imagine a situation where your smartphone will charge in your pocket as you wander around, televisions will flicker with no wires attached, and electric cars will refuel while sitting on the driveway. The kids that are growing up in a couple of years will never have to plug anything in again to charge it, how interesting and efficient that would be.