ProcessOn: Diagramming in an Intelligent Way

ProcessOn is a new web diagram platform that offers an intuitive way to create diagrams and collaborate with others. Unlike other diagramming service in the marketing, the novelty of ProcessOn brings about a new diagramming experience.

  • Developed in HTML 5, it takes advantage of the latest web technologies to provide an elegant and responsive web-diagramming tool. It capitalizes on built-in features such as malware protection and ultra fast loading times.
  • Built-in social network makes ProcessOn easy for users to follow the professionals, share work, discuss the updated news in one’s specific field, build the reputation, all while improve the social efforts.
  • Intelligent diagram designer, the interface of designer is simple and clean, as easy as possible to use. There are hundreds of industry-standard shapes, arrows and icons, you can upload or search online to insert to your diagram. The drawing guides, shape alignment and distribution tools all enable a smart diagramming.
  • Create and Access Diagrams from Anywhere in a Collaborative Way – Enable the diagrams anywhere feature to sync both your online and ProcessOn accounts. Now, your diagrams created online are synced across all collaborators.
  • In-line Chatting tool to avoid confusion. With ProcessOn’s in-line chatting tool you can invite all your collaborators to review, comment and update your diagram, software designs and business process easily.

ProcessOn is also a perfect visual platform for team work, other highlights include;

Forever Free to all

ProcessOn is open to everyone. Once you have an account, you can enjoy all the incredible services.

Three “unlimited”:

Unlimited diagrams:

Diagrams created at ProcessOn can be set as public or private, you can draw as much as you need, public it to the diagram library to earn a reputation or keep it as personal file. ProcessOn always encourages high quality contents, to respect others, never spam.

Unlimited storage space:

It’s a common problem that the storage space is always not enough for ones who are using the traditional diagramming application especially using a free account, this will never occur at ProcessOn. It provides a unlimited storage space totally for free.

Unlimited teams:

At ProcessOn everyone is able to create teams for the company or group work, you can choose to be public or private, all the diagrams and update in the private teams are kept in high confidential. The team management is unlimited in numbers.

Massive diagram resources:

It’s true that the wisdom of people is infinite,the diagram resources on ProcessOn is contributed by users, almost covers all the types, from human resources to financial, web design to everyday life, no wonder there is a saying: The ProcessOn library, contributed by users, for users.

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Source: mia su