Prefies – Find and Share experiences About the Products you Use.,

Ever tried shopping for something only to find many similar products your get confused on what to buy? Well, Prefies app allows you check about experiences of various products by other users. An easier way of checking whether a certain product meets your expectations. Sometimes, we feel lied to when we buy a product having high expectations only to realize after you buy that you have thrown your money away. Many a times, we dash to the internet to try search details about certain product using various search engines and end up getting more confused and frustrated. In fact, you may not find what you are looking for at all.

According to the founders, “On Prefies, every picture, every word, including the main description of a product, is added by a real consumer. Every consumer has one vote, and we do not rank reviews. It’s a true democracy. In this post-crisis world, 70% of people prefer the words of real consumers over advertisers and experts (15%). Prefies is by the people for the people… Prefies lets you and your followers share your everyday experiences about the products you use. By sharing these tiny experiences with your followers, you help each other make quality decisions; while at the same time showcasing your taste and your style.”

Among other things, Prefies helps you achieve the following;

  • Eliminate buyer’s remorse by letting consumers know what their social circle and other people think about a product before they buy it.
  • Help people discover new products to try
  • Reduce the time people spend in retail stores just deciding what to buy.
  • Be the most reliable and dependable platform for finding whether a product is good for you.
  • Make finding reviews about any product easy and stress free: instead of going from website to website just to get reviews on something you want to buy, just look it up on Prefies.
  • Give every consumer an equal voice in speaking about the products they use.
  • Make sharing your experience on products very easy: snap a picture, add some words, done.
  • Let people keep track of the products they use or want to buy: shopping list, wish list, etc.

This app is worth trying and keeping it as a companion. The app is now available on iTunes and Google Play: Prefies.