The Kenya Summit Feb, 2014 - www.kvrop

The Kenya Summit 2014 on Africa’s Future Tech HUB and Knowdledge Economy

Date: 26.02.2014 – 27.02.2014   Venue: Intercontinental Hotel – Nairobi The summit will examine Kenya’s direction for economic and social transition to a middle-income country with a number of major…

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Operating Electronics with a Wearable Ring

Do you usually get frustrated at how many remote controls you use at your home in a day? Talk about TV and Audio System (whether at the rest room, entertainment…

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V2V Wireless Communications to be in-force in US.

With the attempt to reduce the number accidents, the United States Department of Transportation’s is working on enforcing all vehicles to have wireless communications that can talk to each other…

Mpesa kenya -

10 Things You Thought You Knew about M-PESA

Few initiatives in microfinance, or for that matter in development, have been as successful as M-PESA: 3 and a half years after launch, over 70% of households in Kenya and…

icow -

iCow – Managing Cows’ Technologically

With the advent of mobile apps, one would be termed as analog for not using at least one of the many apps. Considering that I come from a milk flowing…


The `i’, `e’ & `M’ Generation

  To date, everyone would bear witness with me that everyone who in this age and has at least a mobile phone at one time has used these words i,…

Three apples that changed the world

Just a Joke – Three Life Changing Apples

What lesson do we learn from the 3 apples that change the world – Food for thought! Eve’s Apple  – Love Genesis 2:15 “The Lord God took the man and…

Virtual Laser keyboard -

Virtual Laser Keyboard – the Next a must Have Accessory

If you have been a diehard fan of sci-fi movies like me, you probably have been filled with a lot of expectations in terms of technology. Don’t lose hope because…

Running Short of Airtime-

mCent – Extra Airtime for your Pre-paid Mobile Phone

Am bila credo! That’s one of the most common sentence you will hear from most people especially the young guys. Trying to make that important call but you are short…

Mobile Phone Theft -

Value your Mobile Phone? Take its Insurance Cover

According to the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK), the number of mobile phone subscribers in the country hit 29 million in March 2012, making it the highest in the continent….

Gag social Media

Social Media – An Elephant in the Room

Sitting here trying to figure out the meaning of the social media, I realize that it can be termed simply as a generational sweep. A sweep because anyone in this…


M-Farming – Farming Smartly with the help of Your Mobile Phone

It’s amazing how technology changes so fast, how mobile apps are becoming more issue based as compared to the older days of entertainment apps. As a farmer, exploitation by middle…


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