Free Conference Call in Kenya, an independent California based provider of collaborative communications solutions, earlier last week on 8th launched free conference calling in Kenya as one of the three countries to benefit from the services in Africa. Other Countries in Africa are Nigeria and South Africa. Founded in 2001, the company seeks to redefine one-to-many communications by providing quality, innovation, excellent customer service and the best pricing available.

The service will provide consumers and enterprises with simple and immediate access to conference calling services, and enables users to host up to 1,000 callers on an unlimited number of six-hour conference calls. According to the founder and CEO David Erickson, the selected markets can have the greatest impact on local people and result in more opportunities to expand’s presence in Africa.

Users in these markets can access free Audio Conferencing as well as features such as Audio Recording and Mobile Applications. The conference calls may be designed to allow the called party to participate during the call, or the call may be set up so that the called party merely listens into the call and cannot speak. It is sometimes called ATC (Audio Tele-Conference).

To use the service, there are three main steps to follow;

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Invite all callers and distribute their dial-in information
  3. Get on the Call at the scheduled time of your conference

The service provides consumers – businesses, charities, non-governmental organizations and Governments, with immediate access to free Audio Conferencing as well as added features such as Audio Recording and Mobile Applications with a simple user experience.

To use this service, visit the company’s site and register ~