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Entrepreneurship: Do You Have What It Takes?

Ask anyone what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and you’ll hear a variety of responses: a great business plan, access to capital and a bunch of other phrases straight…

Digital Migration in Kenya 1 - www.kvrop

Digital Migration in Kenya – An Elephant in the House.

It is sad that I have to talk about digital migration, something that we should be embracing instead listening to court cases. It has become a norm in Kenya that…

Mpesa kenya -

10 Things You Thought You Knew about M-PESA

Few initiatives in microfinance, or for that matter in development, have been as successful as M-PESA: 3 and a half years after launch, over 70% of households in Kenya and…


M-Farming – Farming Smartly with the help of Your Mobile Phone

It’s amazing how technology changes so fast, how mobile apps are becoming more issue based as compared to the older days of entertainment apps. As a farmer, exploitation by middle…


M-Ledger: Monitoring your M-PESA Account

Ever wondered how much money do you transact in a month using M-PESA and how much losses and profits you make? Worry no more for there is a great solution;…

Solar Lighting

Solar Lighting in Kenya – One way of Alienating Poverty in Rural Areas

Solar lighting can be thought of as solar- meaning the sun, and lighting -meaning provides light. It is a form of lighting that converts sunlight (not the sun’s heat) into…

e commerce

MPESA – Will it solve the Online Shopping and Marketing Challenges?

Online shopping (also known as e-shopping) is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser, while Online marketing (also known as Internet…


Mobile Number Portability in Kenya – A Great Dream Never to see the Light

  I think I do appreciate that much that Kenyan lot are too optimistic to the extent that we were regarded as one of the most optimistic nation in the…


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